monster beats pro headphones

monster beats pro headphones have been my favorite headphones. The prevent products have some difference from the previous products that the noise reduction function is no longer dependent on AAA batteries, but the headphones’ built-in lithium battery, which will undoubtedly reduce the weight of wearing headphones. According to official data, the built-in lithium battery can achieve 20 hours of noise reduction. The headphones are also designed with an LED light to show power, has a universal micro USB charge jack, and also support the automatic switching function. It can be said that these improving points make Monster Beats headphones become a model of noise-canceling headphones in the aspect of design and are well worth being studied by other similar monster beats pro white headphones.

The monster beats pro detox headphones have an issue that they too much emphasis on bass and it seems not matched with its naming and positioning. But the new version is effective in improving this situation, with better restoring sound details and just right bass. Compared Sennheiser Momentums, Monster headphones’ disadvantage is the lack of richness of voice and sound reduction is not accurate. But the sense of hearing brings a lot of fun, with a better active noise reduction mode; Sennheiser Momentums has more emphasis on details of the reduction so that it always can make us enjoy a more natural sense of hearing.

However, there is one problem that can not be ignored and it is that the new monster beats pro diamond’ noise reduction function is turned on and then we will hear some current sound hissing. Although it is not too obvious, we can note that in the dead of night. In addition, noise reduction is not always effective in the noisy city filled with subways, but the advantage of Monster headphones is to appropriately weaken noises, not resulting in the excessive distortion of sound for monster beats pro studio headphones.